Life Training Center exists to equip students to leave their mark. We believe that our students will not only inspire the next generation, they will lead it. LTC is a multifaceted bible training school: The internship program is comprised of in depth biblical teaching, mentoring, accountability and a hands on approach to ministry that happens every day at TFC. There are evening classes available for adults who want to increase in biblical knowledge and strengthen their daily walk with Christ. 


The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to celebrate God’s healing power in our lives as we work our way along the road to recovery. By working through the principles, we grow spiritually, and we are freed from our addictions and strongholds. This freedom creates peace, serenity, joy and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with others and our loving and forgiving, Higher Power, Jesus Christ. In addition, we become willing to accept God’s grace and forgiveness in solving our life’s problems.

Friday    |    7:00PM    |    TFC Kidz Auditorium       

2322 N. McColl Rd, McAllen



Whether meeting on campus or in homes, our mission is to build strong families and serve people. Our desire is to encourage and empower you on your journey to grow deeper in your relationship with God.

We offer a variety of groups that are designed to help you grow mentally and spiritually, while challenging you to create Christ centered personal and family values. We are here to celebrate with each other through fellowship during the good times, and to support each other through the difficult times.

Join a small group to build yourself up, and in turn help others experience growth through Godly transformation.


The Men of Valor at TFC are committed to helping the spiritual growth of our men. We encourage unity and fellowship through spiritual and social activities.



Did you know that women are fashioned with a desire and need to connect and fellowship with one another? This is one of the main focuses in TFC Girlfriends.

Here you will find groups that meet weekly throughout the community and church to discuss and study a particular topic or book of interest that will challenge your spiritual walk while connecting you with other like-minded ladies. Don’t give into the temptation to face life’s responsibilities and challenges alone… let’s walk through it and grow TOGETHER.


A lifestyle of devotion

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Water Baptism

The word baptism comes from the Greek word “baptizo” which means to immerse or dip. To baptize something, then, means to submerge it in a liquid. In a biblical sense, to baptize a person in water means to put that person completely under the water, then immediately raise them up again.

According to the Bible, water baptism is a symbolic act whereby a new Christian identifies with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Water baptism is an outward expression of a person’s repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and letting others know what God has done in their hearts.